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All the way from Vegas baby!


Revisit the joy of vintage LasVegas with Vegas Donuts! Our baby blue and pink donut shop whisks you back to an era filled with peace, love and, of course, delicious treats. Enjoy family recipes past down generations from old LasVegas!

Experience Retro Vegas Deliciousness

A nostalgic return to the 60s, glazed with love and sprinkles.


Reviving nostalgia, one donut at a time

Our mission at Vegas Donuts is simple yet profound - to offer a unique retro experience through our delicious treats, taking you back in time with every bite.


Discover Our Chocolate Fudge Doughnut Experience

Dive into a chocolate lover's dream with our Chocolate Fudge Doughnut. Rich, gooey, and decadently doused in chocolate glaze, these treats will leave you longing for more.

Presenting the Classic Glazed Doughnut

Embrace your sweet tooth with the Classic Glazed Doughnut. A timeless classic resurrected, savor the heavenly flavor of our version of this beloved treat.


Throwback Themed Events with Doughnuts

Host your events with a pinch of nostalgia. Our catering services offer themed events with an authentic '60s vibe that add a unique sparkle to any occasion.

Our Story

Inspired by our grandparents' donut store in the 1960's, Vegas Donuts serves divine treats with a nostalgic hit


Straight From the Heart

What Our Customers Say

Best Donuts in Town

I think I've found my new favorite donut shop! The '60s theme was so charming and the donuts were out of this world delicious!

I still can't believe how they've captured the authentic taste and look of the '60s. Every bite takes me back. Very impressive.

Vegas Donuts Is The Best

I love the fun, nostalgic vibe of the shop. And the donuts, oh the donuts...simply incredible! The Glazed Doughnut has my heart.

Vegas Donuts, you've outdone yourselves. From the lovely, thematic atmosphere to the mouth-watering variety of doughnuts. Nothing short of stellar!

Incredible Service

The staff was so welcoming and helpful, made me feel like I was a part of their '60s family. And I just can't get enough of their Fudge Doughnut.

The catering was organized wonderfully. Everybody loved the themed decoration and, of course, the delicious doughnuts. Definitely looking forward to ordering again.

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Join the conversation on the age-old donut debate. Regardless of where you stand, there's always room for appreciation for the other. Donut Unity!


The Beguiling History of Donuts

Join us as we delve into the exciting journey of donuts through history, and how they've made it into our hearts, and bellies, of millions.


Vegas Donuts

Reviving the darling treats from the '60s

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